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Good example of a US issue M1917 bayonet. Wood grips with 2 lateral grooves. 17 inch blade marked at the ricassoes 1917 REMINGTON and U.S with ORDNANCE FLAMING GRENADE, EAGLE HEAD and 16. Black leather scabbard with standard US wire belt hook and remains of green painted finish ( see photos). Scabbard dated 1918. Overall in Grade 8 condition. NOTE: This bayonet has an extra, modified belt fitting at the top of the scabbard. This being a loop of sheet steel joined with a rivet to form a sliding belt loop. I have no idea if this is a military modification, perhaps for British Home Guard issue in WW2 ?/ Or whether it has been added as a display fixture. Can be easily removed if you wish.

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For the 7mm Mauser rifle. Wooden grips with chequered surface. 15 inch single edged blade marked at the ricassoes withserial number and ARTILLERIA Fca NACIONAL TOLEDO. Steel mounted, black leather scabbard. Originally designed for artilelry use, these were still in use in the Spanish Civil War. NOTE The leather of the scabbard, as usual, is very soft resulting in some creases to the surface and the lower mount being almost detached ( see photos). THis is an, unfortunate, feature of these bayonets. CARE IS ADVISING WHEN DRAWING OR REPLACING THE BAYONET. Generally condition grade 8

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WW2 era Czech bayonet for the Mauser rifle. Wooden grip, short guard with muzzle ring. 11.5 inch blade with edge on the upper surface and with parkerised finish. Blued steel scabbard with WW2 German maker's code tgf on the frog stud. Minor surface wear to scabbard, grade 8+.

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Brown leather belt frog for the Czech VZ 24 mauser bayonet. Stitiching all OK except for top edge near the frog stud hole. Needs a good polish ! Grade 8+

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Absolutely MINT, UNISSUED example of the British Army bayonet for the SA-80 RIFLE. NO SCABBARD. Blackened finish to the hilt section, parkerised finish to the blade. In it's stores wrapper of greased mesh fabric. Condition Grade 11.

Code: 50781

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Very good example of a WW2 German NCO's parade bayonet. Black composition, chequered grips. 24 cms nickle plated blade with maker's mark HERDER SOLINGEN at ricasso . Black painted steel scabbard, frog stud rotates but firmly fitted. No plated finish to the pommel & guard, minor scuffs to the scabbard, Blade with 95% plated finish. Condition 8

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Excellent reproduction of a WW1 British Brodie steel helmet. Original WW2 steel shell refitted with high quality WW1 pattern liner of rexene, felt and string mesh. paper label in centre. Fits size 7 1/4 . Brown leather chin strap. Khaki green painted exterior with rough finish. Condition 10

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An EXCELLENT example of an early WW2 US M1 steel combat helmet. With a superb re painted exterior finish in a mid shade of OD with corked surface. White horizontal strip across the rear to denote NCO rank. Steel edge with front seam FIXED BALE BARS and a original TAN (OD3) webbing chinstrap with brass twin hook fastener. Inner compressed fibre liner with Westinghouse
maker mark. TAN webbing cradle fitted with tan leather and webbing sweatband and nape strap at the rear with maker's markings. Brown leather chinstrap with adjuster buckle. Overall in very good condition inside and out. CONDITION 9

Code: 50776

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USA WW2 M1 pattern STEEL HELMET ( part converted)

An EXCELLENT example of a WW2 US M1 steel combat helmet. With an excellent repainted finish in a dark shade of OD with corked surface. Steel edge with REAR seam (post 1943). FLEXIBLE BALE BARS and a ORIGINAL TAN (OD3) webbing chinstrap with brass twin hook fastener. .... KOREAN WAR PERIOD compressed fibre liner with CAPAC 51 52 maker mark. Replacement modern fitted TAN webbing cradle in a herringbone pattern material fitted with tan leather and webbing sweatband and nape strap at the rear with maker's markings. Brown leather chinstrap with adjuster buckle. Exterior has a small 5th Armoured Division insignia at each side abobe the strap.Overall in excellent condition inside and out. ). CONDITION 9

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A very good, clean example of a EUROPEAN Percussion muzzle loading sporting gun of the mid 19th Century. 29 inch double barrels of 12 -14 bore . ELG (Liege, Belgium) proof marks on underside of the barrel at the breech. Short, back action locks with twin hammers with tightly curved top sections. Lock plates are finely engraved with a 'horn of plenty' design. Barrel tang, trigger guard and ram rod tube all finely engraved with geometric and floral designs. Stock with semi pistol grip and raised cheek piece. Fine sectional line where this has been added (?) at the time of it's manufacture. Chequered fore end section, plain brass butt plate. Wooden ram rod with copper tip. Overall 47 inches in length and in good, clean condition with a very fine surface patina to the barrels and very light surface pitting ( not deep) to the lock plates. Minor bruising to the woodwork, NO splits or cracks. Overall in Grade 8+ condition. NO licence required as this is a certified antique, muzzle loading weapon sold as an ornament or curio. However this item is NOT available for overseas sales. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW REDUCED PRICE

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