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An excellent example of a pre WW2 1937 dated full dress tunic of the COLDSTREAM GUARDS. Scarlet wool with dark blue facings at the cuffs. Brass regimental buttons and white embroidered detail. Cloth eppaulettes and high collar with Coldstream Guards star insignia. Inside with a white "wool" material lining in the upper body. With it's original label which, although faded, states : TUNIC COLDSTREAM GDS , R& F. .. SIZE ?? HEIGHT 5 ft ? - BREAST 38 WAIST 33. TMC & R LTD 1937. Overall in very good, clean condition. A few very small moth nips but no holes. Grade 8++

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An excellent example of a pre WW2 full, 1934 dated, dress tunic of the SCOTS GUARDS. Scarlet wool with dark blue facings at the cuffs. Brass regimental buttons and white embroidered detail. Cloth eppaulettes and high collar with Scots Guards Thistle insignia. Inside with a ( personally, tailor added) green "silk" material lining in the upper body. With it's original label which states : TUNIC FOOT GUARDS , R& F. SCOTS.. SIZE 17 HEIGHT 5/10 - BREAST 39 WAIST 34. THE REGO CLOTHIERS LIMITED 1934. Overall in very good, clean condition. A few very small mot nips but no holes. Grade 8++

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Very good example of a WW2 Japanese naval officer's dagger, Brass wire bound sharkskin hilt with gilt brass pommel and guard. Original finish to the 9 inch single edged and fullered blade with slightly curved tip.. . Leather covered wooden scabbard with gilt brass mounts and twin suspension rings. Small press button release catch. Overall length 16 inches. Much of the gilded finish to the external mounts remains, genrally grad e8++

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Very good example of a Ww2 Japanese Army Shin Gunto Katana, dated 1943. Gilded metal mounts to the hilt and with brown cloth bound grip over sharkskin inner wrapping. Hilt is complete with it's original Army officer sword knot of brown and blue cotton. Brass tsuba mount with small spring button to keep sword in the scabbard. Brown painted steel scabbard with brass mounts and single suspension ring.. Very clean, Polished blade with excellent edge. I think it would be difficuklt to find a cleaner example. The hilt has been removed to check the signiature on the tang ( which has not been shortened). I am informed that the tang is marked KANE HISA 1943 (see photos). Overall an excellent condition sword of good quality. There is some wear to the brown painted surface of the scabbard ( again see photos).

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Scarce WW2 dated example of Russian cavalry Shasqua sabre. Brass beaked pommel, one piece , brass ferrule and striped wooden grip and 31.5 inch curved blade stamped with an Arsenal mark and BFO 42 ( maker name and date). In its leather covered wooden scabbard with brass mounts at the throat and the middle mount with a swivel ring. Unusual, original STEEL chape to prevent wear. Leather surface is marked but not torn. 38 inches overall.. Generally grade 8++

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Very good, original example, of an AMERICAN CIVIL WAR period Model 1860 Light Cavalry sabre. Dated 1865. 3 bar brass hilt with original wire bound leather grip. 34 inch curved blade with much of it's original polished finish. Cross polished at the Ricassoes which are marked AMES MFG CO CHICOPEE MASS on one side( not deeply stamped but original and visible) and U.S GKC 1865 on the other. Steel scabbard with light surface patina. No dents or crushing. This Sword has various markings apart from the blade as already mentioned. The top of the pommel is stamped J.F. , and the scabbard chape bears the inspector's initials N.G.W. The other side of the chape bears some overstamped numbers 2 and B 14. This could relate to Troop b of the 2nd Cavalry but I cannot guarantee his. Overall a very good example of an iconic weapon. The hilt could be polished but it looks great as it is ! Generally Grade 8+

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TOMAHAWK STYLE AXE. 20th Century style.

An excellent and unusual example of a Trade Pipe Tomahawk of, probably, British manufacture. Steel axe head , 6.5 inches across, with drilled pipe bowl on the top. Fitted to a 16 inch, drilled wooden ( striped maple?) haft bearing brass bands and lozenge style decoration. Brass mouth piece. . The head has some brown patina, haft undamaged. This type of Tomahawk was produced in the Uk during the late 19th and early 20th centuries and sent out to the uS and Canada for trade with the "indigineous peoples". They are more of a symblic piece raher than a fighting weapon. Overall in excellent, grade 9 condition.

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A good example of an English halberd circa 1640 ( possibly a little earlier ?) . Steel axe head with long spike and wooden shaft with blackened finish. Steel head is pitted but clean. Length 230 cams / 7 ft 6 ins.
NOTE: This item can only be sent within the UK mainland due to the length - confirmed shipping price on application.

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GERMAN 2 HANDED SWORD. Victorian period copy.

Very good example of a 15th century style double handed sword, of German origin. This item is a VICTORIAN ERA COPY, made for decoration. It is NOT a modern made sword for re enactment etc. Large pommel, wire bound grip. Curved crossguard and a 36 inch double edged blade. Has been varnished which has cracked and made the surface dirty, however this could be cleaned off if you wish to do so. Overall in good, sound condition, cross guard slightly loose.. Grade 8

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Original WW2 example of a wire cutter with side cutting jaws and rubber covered handles. Jaws are covered in an original waxed coating which obscures the markings, guaranteed to be WW2 !! Grade 10. In it's tan webbing cover with single LTD stud and wire belt hook ( slight corrosion) . Dated FELT NOVELTY MFG 1942 . Very good, used condition with minor stains. Grade 9

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