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Deactivated Firearms
NO LICENCE REQUIRED. Deactivated to British Home Office specifications & supplied with a PROOF HOUSE CERTIFICATE. UK SALES ONLY, NOT AVAILABLE FOR EXPORT

Grenades & Munitions
Due to recent & very obvious problems with airline security, we can no longer export inert grenades, ordnance, munitions ,magazines or weapon parts by Mail. UK SALES ONLY

Items for Spares & Repairs.
This section covers actual spare / loose fittings etc or items that are in a much lower condition grading than we normally offer. They may be repaired, stained, worn or otherwise damaged but they are cheap !! Items from this section are not intended for any use or wear whatsoever but might well offer spare parts that could be used to repair items that you already have, although this cannot be guaranteed!. Please note that these items are marked as SPARES & REPAIRS ITEM in their descriptions and we suggest that you read these notes carefully. The postage will, in many cases, be more than the value of the items.

Items marked as FOR SPARES & REPAIRS are offered & sold as described and are offered outside of our usual terms & conditions. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS are allowable on them.