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An unusual and Original Enlisted man's M1951 Ike jacket with original WW2 101st Airborne shoulder patch and Silver Paratrooper wings. The jacket is the Korean war ere version in dark OD wool with 2 breast pockets and adjuster buttons at the hips. The front fly section has been tailored with buttons removed and replaced with a brass zip and a series of nickle pop studs. Inside the hem of the jacket ( at the hip area) is a series of brass hooks which are possibly to hook to the trouser belt to prevent the jacket riding up. No maker's label but size label in the collar reads 36 R. INSIGNIA: Embossed type of brass collar discs with US and Engineer castle., clutch pin backed. Unit Citation bar above right pocket. Silver Paratrooper qualification wings with brooch pin back fitted to a red and white cloth Parachute oval for 326th Engineer battalion. Maker's name just visible on rear of wings but the hook fastener is squashed flat so I have not removed it for inspection. Original WW2 101st Airborne Division shoulder patch on left shoulder. Overall in excellent Grade 9 condition .

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An ORIGINAL WW2 liner for the US Airborne M1-C helmet together with an Original WW2 M1 steel shell which has been modified into an M2 Airborne helmet.
THE LINER : An original WW2 manufactured and issue fibre/plastic helmet liner with TAN webbing inner cradle, sweatband and leather/webbing sweatband. Liner bears the INLAND maker's mark and is fitted with manufactured "at the time" inverted A side straps in tan webbing with cast buckles to fit the Original russet brown leather chin cup supplied. Light brown leather chinstrap for the liner. Female press studs to accept extended strap on the steel outer shell. All rivets are original and intact, the A straps being built in to the rivets when manufactured.. No markings on the sweatband, nape strap is marked No 3 SIZE W199 QM 39941 GEORGE FROST CO . Exterior painted in a pale green shade.This helmet liner is completely original and in excellent, slightly used condition.
STEEL SHELL. An original WW2 made M1 steel shell with front seam join, which has been expertly converted into an early WW2 M2 Airborne shell by removing the original bale bars and replacing them with twin D shaped bale bars. This has been expertly done with no signs of heat damage when re welding the D rings. The shell is fitted with an, apparently, ORIGINAL WW2 tan webbing chin strap with twin brass hook fasteners. The strap has been correctly folded and stitched to the bales and extends long enough to attach to the liner by means of the 2 male press studs at each end. The shell is finished in a rough texture dark OD paint with added Captain rank bars, Officer's vertical bar at the rear and 506th regimental Spades insignia at each side, nicely painted in a pale cream/white. Overall in excellent, nicely worn condition and with a real look to the exterior.
THE BACK STORY; I personally owned the liner for over 25 years, being part of my own collection and kept in the hope of finding an affordable, original Airborne outer shell - which I never did ! I obtained the outer M2 type steel shell at the time of filming Band of Brothers and the shell was constructed by someone who worked on such items during the filming (it was NOT used as a film prop in that production). About 2 years ago I sold both items to a collector as described. I now have them back as a commission sale.

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ORIGINAL WW2 / KOREAN WAR M1-C paratrooper helmet. An original issue helmet comprising parts from both eras. HELMET SHELL: An original late WW2 M1 steel shell with rim seam at the rear ( post 1944). Mid shade of OD paint with rough finish, some surface scuffs. Swivelling bale bars and original OD green webbing chinstrap with wire type fastening buckle and extended to hold male press studs to attach to the liner.
LINER: A WW2 plastic/fibre liner with tan webbing suspension cradle. Tan webbing and brown leather sweatband. Tan web nape strap (fitted to a broken support strap). Liner has been retro fitted with OD green webbing, inverted A straps which are rivetted directly to the liner body NOT integrated into the suspension rivets. One strap intact, the other cut and a small section missing. cast buckles holding a webbing chin cup with cut out centre and FOUR fixing eyelets. Female studs on liner to atatch to outer helmet chin strap. Exterior of liner is painted white with a red stripe. paint chipped and worn but is original. Users name and service number painted inside. This is an example of a hybrid late WW2 - Korean war paratrooper helmet. Overall grade 8

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Scarce and original example of an early WW2 M17A1 steel helmet. WW1 style steel shell with OD painted finish and Captain rank bars painted at the front. Tan webbing chinstrap with brass twin hook fastener. Attached to Russet brown leather liner on metal cradle. Central leather pad inside the crown. Overall grade 8++ condition. haven't had one of these for years !!

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A really unusual helmet ! Original Vietnam era M1 steel helmet with a standard liner and fitted with a camouflage cover which has been graffiti decorated for "THE COMBAT ZONE" an area of Boston, Mass renown for night life of all sorts ! Cover is marked THE COMBAT ZONE BOSTON MA with a Swastika insignia and one section is cut out to reveal a bullet dent mark. Whether this was gained in actual combat or on a rough night in Boston I cannot say !. Liner webng is torn at front. Renmains of a detached OD webbing chinstrap ( see photos) and a b/w photo of a street sign as previously mentioned. Overall grade 8.

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An original WW2 M1 helmet liner. Hard plastic fibre with interior TAN webbing cradle. Cradle is torn at both front sections. Marked CAPAC Fitted with post WW2 sweatband. Green painted finish with worn surface. grade 8

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Forest green wool serge garrison/overseas cap for the US Marine Corps. Small size ( labelled US 6 7/8) and fitted with blackened USMC insignia. Grade 9

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NOTE: Since the making of Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers there have been lots of items sold as original film used prop items. Some have certificates to confirm this, others do not.. The items offered in this section as Saving Private Ryan props were used in the filming of SPR and were supplied by the Theatrical costume company US ACAD.
I know where these have been for the past 20+ years, I know that they originated from US ACAD and were purchased when the vast quantity of uniforms & props were sold by them. For items relating to band of Brothers These were obtained at the end of filming at an auction held at Hatfield Studios. I have no paperwork to support this, they are what they are.
Although the principal actors used original items, or near perfect reproductions, there was no way the production companies could supply the hosts of extras with original equipment but at the time there were still quantities of some items available. Many other original items of webbing were also available, many were renovated originals and many were reproduced or post war items were used.
I cannot offer these items as anything other than they appear to be, however if you trust my reputation achieved through selling WW2 US kit for over 40 years then buy with confidence.

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A rare and original Cinema display poster board for Saving Private Ryan. 3 pieces which fit together with folding tabs. 1. Black corrugated card backing board with assorted slots. 2. Main poster for SPR which fits to back board with a series of tabs. Across the lower section the card is cut out to form a silhouette of a soldier. 3. Seperate board with head and shoulders photo of Tom Hanks as Captain Miller. This has a folding card stand at rear with a tab that fits to front of poster. I have not fully assembled this as I don't want to damage the tabs etc. Main poster and back board measure 58 x 38 inches, seperate Miller section is 38 inches x 28 inches (head is 14 inches wide). Minor creases and folds, small stain on Miller's helmet. Overall grade 8+ Folds in half for shipping however this will be very expensive to ship overseas. Postage will be quoted seperately for overseas enquiries. See item 51050 for general information.

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ORIGINAL WW2 U.S M1928 FIELD PACK from Saving Private Ryan. Original film prop item used in Saving Private Ryan COMMONLY CALLED A DOUGHBOY PACK. In TAN webbing with integral shoulder straps with spring clips to attach to belt. Various straps and buckles to wrap around spare clothing etc. Flap marked US which has been inked over to show up on film. NO visible date but guaranteed WW2 period .. Plus an ORIGINAL MEAT CAN PACK, fitted to the flap and used to carry the mess tin etc. Strap and buckle closure. Interior of BOTH the main pack and Meat can pouch are marked: US ACAD. A few minor worn holes and Some renovations to the closure straps (some parts are British WW2 marked) and the shoulder straps have been re attached generally Grade 8 See item 51050 for general information.

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